Tip Pot is the new and fair way to tip great service. We’ve decided it’s time for real change!

Here at Tip Pot we’re on a mission to make the tipping process as easy, transparent and as fair as possible for everyone who wants to tip truly great service.



Being transparent means Tip Pot is the safest way to tip. Our system allows tipped workers to receive tips via QR codes, NFC and contactless

Real Time Reports

It also gives tipped workers real-time information on how much they have earned in tips – something we know is important.


Percentage of customers we spoke to in 2019 that agreed with the statement “they would welcome a modern, fair and easier way to leave a tip.


Percentage of new establishments introduced to Tip Pot in June 2020 who trialled our cashless tipping system


Percentage of establishments who trialled Tip Pot in June 2020 who are now registered Tip Pot venues.


Real change when it comes to leaving a tip

Smart phone enabled tipping

The modern way to pay for great service. Simply download our app on Apple or Android.

An easy way to tip

You can use Apple Pay, Google Pay or your Credit / Debit Card.

Download the app

Simply download the app and find the establishment. Scan the QR code and start tipping!

The Royal Mint estimates that there are 29 billion coins currently in circulation in the UK. In 2017 figures showed only 2.2 million people, of the estimated 67 million were reliant on cash. And in the same year figures showed that debit card use, driven by contactless payments overtook the number of payments made in cash in the UK for the first time. We are unquestionably moving towards a cashless society – TipPot is designed to support the hard working staff who are reliant on tips whilst the UK goes through this period of adjustment.

Here at Tip Pot we understand how important it is that our systems works for both the employer and the employee. That’s why we’ve designed a system that gives you real-time viability and is accessible for both parties remotely. We get that working in such a fast paced and demanding industry is difficult; and that having easy

Great Service Rewarded Fairly

How Tip Pot Works

We recognise the importance of both remote access and real-time data through technology. Tip Pot offer portal access for both employers and staff. The technology is designed to give employers leverage when it comes to satisfying HMRC and the same for their staff. The use of our mobile application means staff are both engaged and informed when it comes to how their service is rewarded. No more smoke and mirrors when it comes to tips not making their way to the person it was really meant for. It’s time for real change!

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