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What is Tip Pot?

Tip Pot consists of an app for your customers to reward good service in a new way, and a web portal for you to make the task of routinely managing your staff’s tips simple.

It was designed to address the following hospitality industry challenges:

How Tip Pot works

For your customers.

How to Use Tip Pot the Cashless tipping app video
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Video: A new way for your customers to leave tips


  • You select from the following methods how to display QR codes in your venue:
Tip Pot QR code

This can appear on receipts, lanyards, stickers or disposable table cards.


Your customer scans QR code with their phone and is taken to the Tip Pot App:

The Tip Pot app


Customer clicks on your venue and can quickly leave a tip:

Tip Amount Screen

For you, and your business.


You apply to Tip Pot and you are set-up with our web based app.

Tip Pot's stripe system


In just a few simple clicks you can easily report on and distribute tips.



That’s it. Tips sorted, team happy.

Why Change?

The Tip Pot app means your customers can tip in a new, potentially more convenient way. Tip Pot is also designed to remove tasks involved in managing your teams tips. Making this process simple and quicker.

To understand why business owners make the change, and how Tip Pot helps them, some food for thought:

We are a completely cashless business and didn’t opt for the PDQ gratuity function…

Pre-Covid our staff would regularly receive cash tips and for some it made up a significant amount of their shift earnings…

As a small business, we wanted to make sure we were absolutely compliant with the most recent HMRC regulations….

Tip Pot pricing

All of these packages come with the following features.
Your venue registered on the Tip Pot App, marketing material starter pack to promote cashless tipping to your customers, technical customer support, reporting functions through our partner Stripe.

Tip Pot monthly plan

Single site paid monthly

£ 14.99 per month
  • Feature #3

Tip Pot 6 monthly plan

Single site paid every 6 months

£ 12.99 per month
  • Feature #1

Tip Pot annual plan

Single site paid yearly

£ 9.99 per month
  • Feature #1
Great Value

Multi-sites and chains

Please contact us to request a demo as custom product and pricing options are available.