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Tip Pot gives business users real-time information on when tips have been paid

Tip Pot makes the process of collecting, distributing and reporting on tips much easier, more transparent and safer.

Tip Pot gives business users real-time information on when tips have been paid, where and when those received tips have been distributed to their staff. At the click of a button Tip Pot can give its business customers historical payment information; in turn this information can be used to support them in providing the necessary information for functions such as audits and payroll.

Tip Pot offers remote reporting 24/7

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Our system is supported by Stripe which means our customers have the flexibility to pay out received tips to their staff on a schedule that suits them; the most common is daily, weekly or monthly but our system can work around your business requirements to support you and your staff. Our Stripe integration means customers can run reports remotely and 24/7 from anywhere in the world, giving them instant data when it comes to the influence of tipping on their business. This transparency means our business customers can mitigate the risk of handling cash and introduce a truly cashless tipping equivalent. This back real-time information means the management cost associated with counting cash, have a tronc system is immediately saved


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