Meet the team

Adam Pritchard

Managing Director

Adam’s previous careers selling both financial banking services and fuel maintenance services served him well before he founded Tip Pot. Adam’s most notable period was 10 years spent building up the Craggs Energy Group of businesses; it was his last stab at employment before his entrepreneurial spirit finally took hold. Adam’s wealth of sales experience from various sales environments, ranging from some of the largest global corporates through to helping build the Craggs Group through sales means he has a dynamic, driven, fun but exacting approach to developing a successful sales culture. Adam is passionate about building a system which is fair, transparent and free for people who want to leave gratuity for great service.

Dawn - meat the team-BW

Dawn Pritchard

Marketing Director

Dawn’s experience of digital marketing in the 21st century is second to none. A demanding role at one the biggest UK furniture stores means Dawn has a wealth of experience when it comes to the potential and value of all forms of traditional marketing. Huge experience of managing all forms of social media and AdWords means Dawn is passionate about the advantages of modern digital marketing techniques; whilst also understanding the importance of more traditional and personal communication methods. A graduate of Manchester Metropolitan University Dawn holds a BA (Hons.) degree and firm understanding of the world of e-Business.

Adam Moorhouse

Adam Moorhouse

Business Devlopment

Trained in chemistry at University of Oxford then University of Nottingham, Adam moved into a number of increasingly technical Business Development roles in the pharmaceutical outsourcing space culminating in a VP role. Following this experience and a desire start out in the consulting world, Adam went on to start a Business Development consultancy, the Coalescent Group Ltd. With the Coalescent Group Adam has worked with a variety of companies, developing sales processes and recruiting around 40 sales representatives within a number of organisations successfully selling products across a variety of sectors.

Inspired by the Tip Pot idea, Adam started with the team in September 2020 to support Business Development efforts.


Bryn Lawton

Financial Director

As a business analyst for one of the biggest and most innovative technology businesses in the UK for over 15 years, Bryn had retired in 2019 with a legacy of success left behind him. However, as a founder of Tip Pot he recognised there was fundamentally an issue in how we reward, recognise and manage cash tips in the UK. With a vast experience in both accountancy and business operations at a board level Bryn recognises more than anyone the issues faced by large organisations (and SME’s) when it comes the opportunity cost of poor process. Not to mention, Bryn is excited and driven to find solutions to our unquestionable transition towards a cashless society.