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Tip Pot is designed to incentivise, engage and encourage.

Here at Tip Pot we understand how important it is that our system works for both the employer and the employee. That’s why we’ve designed a system that gives you real-time visibility and is accessible for both parties remotely. We get that working in such a fast paced and demanding industry is difficult; and that having easy access to technology that saves you time is key.

We believe that the key to any successful sales function is transparency and fairness. The concept of giving a little extra for great service isn’t something unique to the UK. However, being typically British it has historically always been that little bit awkward. Just like we love a queue, we never complain! But Tip Pot gives us all the opportunity to quash that awkwardness with a fair, transparent and centralised system for everyone involved.

Tip Pot is designed to incentivise, engage and encourage all staff within the hospitality industry.

How to use Tip Pot as a Business.

Simply sign up and we do the rest!

We are unquestionably moving towards a cashless society, the COVID 19 pandemic will no doubt supercharge that movement. With a prevalent risk to the spread of infection cash is not a sensible way to say thank you for great service. Tip Pot allows business to accept tips electronically and in real-time. Tip Pot is used UK wide and can be available at multiple locations.

Simply sign up, create an account for our system – we need somewhere for you to receive tips – and that’s it. We supply social media support in letting your customers know you now receive tips through Apple and Google pay, we supply traditional marketing material like stickers, leaflets etc. Once you’ve signed up you’re good to start with your move to a cashless tipping process. It’s really that simple!

The benefits to using Tip Pot as opposed to receiving cash tips are enormous; but most notably the change in recent legislation means that it is with our raft of reporting suites that we can help support you in complying with all HMRC regulations. Tip Pot doesn’t change your Tronc system or tipping obligations – we just make the process of collecting, distributing and reporting on tips much easier, more transparent and safer.

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We’re thrilled you want to get in touch. Hopefully it’s join the Tip Pot family of restaurateurs, publicans or coffee lovers who allow their customers to leave tips safely (and electronically) everyday. If however you have a problem, or just wants to know more about Tip Pot then please leave your details below and our team will be in touch as soon as possible. Thanks!