Kobe Coffee

Taking cash tips worried me. As a small owner operator I was both unsure of how to install a suitable Tronc system and was worried about not being compliant with HMRC

Owner - Kobe Cafe

As a small business, when it comes to accepting cash tips we wanted to make sure we were absolutely compliant with the most recent HMRC regulations. Pre-Covid we made the decision to accept cash tips but we had to spend time making sure the system we had in place was correct. We decided, like most to distribute tips through staff payroll. This means there are added costs such national insurance and tax to consider. Plus there is a management cost associated with counting and management received tips, something we didn’t like being such a small business.

Tip Pot solved a couple of keys issues for us. The system means we can receive cashless tips, so no more time counting cash. If we want to, we can also distribute the received cash form tips straight to our staff.