The Goodness Brewing Company

I didn’t take tips as we didn’t handle cash at The Goodness

Owner - the Goodness Brewing Company

We are a completely cashless business and didn’t opt for the PDQ gratuity function. We decided to go cashless for lots of reasons including security, staff safety and to make things more efficient in our taproom.

Of course my staff weren’t happy about not being able to take tips, but I had looked into the option on the PDQ gratuity approach and the admin required to both reconcile and distribute tips meant doing this task every week/month just wasn’t viable for a business of our size.

I was made aware of cashless tipping and initially dismissed it as being no different to PDQ tipping. However, after trying out the service it’s not quite the same. The main differences for me were the fact that the amount of handle turning required to distribute tips was much less plus staff morale was increased significantly by us making the subtle change of now being able to accept cashless tips.